Graduate Certificate in Teaching: Elementary Education

The Graduate Certificate in Elementary (K-6) Education is 27- hour program designed for students who who have a bachelor’s degree in another field and are seeking their initial teaching license. Upon successful completion of the Graduate Certificate, students are eligible for a level “A” professional educator’s license for North Carolina.

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate, qualified students have the option of completing 12 additional hours to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Admission to the Graduate Certificate is separate and distinct from admission to a graduate degree program and not an indication of automatic admission to the M.A.T. degree program.  For more information on this option, refer to the M.A.T. in Elementary Education.

All courses for the Graduate Certificate must be completed within four years. Elementary Education admits students for Summer I and Fall only.

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For more information on the Graduate Certificate Program:

Karen Cross

Program Director

Bethany Myers

Education Recruitment office


Joshua Avery 


Niner Clinical Immersion School

NCIS is a program designed to increase the level of meaningful engagement for pre-student teacher candidates in P12 schools.  The word "immersion" is important... NCIS is a way to "immerse" candidates in the P12 classroom while at the same time taking coursework to train you to become a teacher.  NCIS restructures the required clinical hours assigned to courses to better serve the needs of our teacher education candidates. If you are interested in participating, please find more information at

Financial Aid/Financial Assistance

*Additional funding may be available upon request.

Note: The grade in any course accepted for transferred credit must be A or B, as defined by UNC Charlotte (a 3.0 or above on a 0.0-4.0 grade point scale). Coursework that has been graded on a Pass/No Credit or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis will not be accepted for transfer. In some cases, the Graduate School will allow completed thesis credit (graded on a Pass/No Credit scale) to be transferred into a doctoral program. It should be noted that, although the credit for a course may transfer, the grade will not be used to calculate the graduate GPA at UNC Charlotte.

Applicants who have Grades of C from the Graduate Certificate Program (or any transfer program) will need to re-take courses- and earn grade of B or higher- before acceptance to the MAT Program