Erin Miller

Erin Miller
Reading and Elementary Education
Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Ph.D Strand in Reading
COED 394

Dr. Erin Miller is an Assistant Professor of Language and Diversity in the Reading and Elementary Education Department. She teaches undergraduate courses in elementary language arts methods and diversity in urban education.  Miller's special areas of interests are early literacy, anti-racist teaching pedagogies, critical whiteness studies, white teacher identities and ethnographic methodologies. She is currently serving as chair of the Early Childhood Education Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English and investigating signs and symbols of whiteness with elementary aged children.

Research Interests: 
early literacy
critical whiteness studies 
anti-racist pedagogy 
teacher education
white teacher identities

Ph.D. - University of South Carolina
M.A.T. - University of South Carolina
B.A. - Emory University

Current Projects:
The Early Childhood Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE): Professional Dyads and Culturally Relevant Teaching (PDCRT)

A national project designed to create a space within NCTE for supporting early childhood educators of color and educators who teach children of color in developing, evaluating, and disseminating culturally relevant literacy practices in pre-k through third grade classrooms.

Pre-Service Teacher’s Preparedness to Teach African American Boys: The Impact of an Urban Collaboration on the Development of Afro-Centered Cultural Knowledge in an Elementary Education Program

The primary purpose of this research is to develop a focused unit of instruction on educating African American males within two sections of a course entitled Multicultural Education: Modifying Instruction for Urban Learners (ELED 4292) that is currently taught in the Reading and Elementary Education Department (REEL) of the College of Education at UNCC. 

Past Projects:

Whiteness, discourse, and early childhood: An ethnographic study of three young children’s construction of race in home and community settings           

This project was a one year ethnographic study looking at how race is constructed during the early years by examining the lives of three young white children in order to identify and examine racialized discourses in their worlds.                                    

The Urban Cohort

This was a one year collaborative project in an Early Childhood Education teacher education program that aimed to recruit and teach students interested in centering their pre-service teacher education program on issues of equity in education.

Language Arts for the Elementary School Learner 
Multicultural Education: Modifying Instruction for Urban Learners

Community Involvement:
Dr. Miller is currently working in collaboration with United Community School in Charlotte, N.C. to explore critical literacy practices with elementary aged learners.  She also co-directs America Reads with Dr. Bruce Taylor.  America Reads is a federal work study program that places college student tutors in local elementary school to work 1-1 with children around areas of literacy.

Awards & Honors:

2016    UNC Instructional Innovation Incubator Program Fellow, 2016

2015    Race as the Benu: A reborn consciousness for teachers of our youngest children (Miller, 2015) chosen as a Feature Article in  Journal of Curriculum Theorizing 

2015    Discourses of Whiteness and Blackness: An Ethnographic Study of Three Children Learning to be White (Miller, 2015) chosen for Key Research Collection in Critical Race Theory in Education, Taylor and Francis Online. 

2013    American Educational Research Association (AERA)
Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood SIG 
Outstanding Dissertation Award

2013    Co-winner of the Taylor & Francis Distinguished Article of the Year for 2012 in the Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education.

2011    Featured on NCATE’s Blue Ribbon Panel Report - Stories from the Field: Transforming Teacher Education through Clinical Practice: A National Strategy to Prepare Effective Teachers [pdf]:

2010    Mortar Board Honor Society Excellence in Teaching Award - University of South Carolina

Selected Publications:

Miller, E. (in press). From Being to Becoming: The Racialization of White Women. In & Hancock, S. & Warren, C. (Eds). White Woman’s Work: Examining the Intersectionality of Cultural Norms, Teaching, and Identity Formation in Urban Schools. Scottsdale, AZ: Information Age Publishing

Miller, E. (2016). Multiple Pathways to Whiteness: White Teachers’ Unsteady Racial Identities. Early Years: An International Research Journal DOI: 10.1080/09575146.2016.1223022

Wood, K., Kissel, B. & Miller, E. (2016). Safe zones: Supporting LGBTQ Youth through literature. Voices from the Middle. 

Miller, E. (2015). Race as the Benu: Anti-whiteness strategies emerge out of a reborn consciousness in Early Childhood Education. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 30 (3), 28. 

Kissel, B. & Miller, E.  (2015). Creative Transformations: Shifting Identities, Countering Narratives, and Exerting Curricula in Pre-Kindergarten Writers’ Workshops. The Reading Teacher, 69 (1), 77-86. 

Nash, K. & Miller, E. (2015). Reifying and resisting racism from early childhood to young adulthood:  Implications for early childhood education. The Urban Review, 47 (1), 184-208.

Miller, E. (2015). Discourses of whiteness and blackness: An ethnographic study of three young children learning to be white.  Ethnography and Education, 10 (2), 137-153.