Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction Reading/Literacy Strand

Courses Offered

A sample of our Reading/Literacy education courses includes the following, with others fully detailed in the Graduate Catalog, which is available at (College of Education, beginning on page 269)

EDCI 8640. Reading in Literacy Research (3) This course provides .... (Fall)

EDCI 8040. Sociocultural Perspectives of Language and Literacy. (3)

This doctoral course focuses on sociocultural aspects of literacy and language. Students are immersed in texts and theories foundational to this line of inquiry and scholarship including the works of Lev Vygotsky and Mikhail Bakhtin and more contemporary thinkers such as Allan Luke, James Paul Gee, James Wertsch, and others. (Fall)

EDCI 8129Linguistics and Language Learning.  (3)

This course ... (Semester)


EDCI 8132Research in Literacy Theory. (3)

This course ...  (Semester)


EDCI 8133Multiculturalism and Children's Literature.  (3)

This course....  (Semester)


EDCI 8134Early Black American Literature.  (3)

This course .... (Semester)


EDCI 8135. African American Literary Theory and Criticism. (3)

This course.... (Semester)


EDCI 8137. Language and Culture. (3)

This course... (Semester)


EDCI 8138. Comparative Language Study. (3)

This course.... (Semester)


EDCI 8139. Perspectives in African American Literature. (3)

This course....  (Semester)


EDCI 8140. Readings in Literacy Education. (3)

Required of all doctoral Reading Strand students.

This course... (Fall)


EDCI 8183. English as a Second Language. (3)

This course.... (Semester)


EDCI 8250. Applied Research in Literacy Education. (3)

This course... (Semester)


EDCI xxxx/READ 6250. Emergent and Early Literacy. (3)

This course... (Semester)


EDCI 8252/6252. Writing Development and Instruction. (3)

This course... (Semester)


EDCI 8255/6255. Middle/Secondary Reading and Writing. (3)

In this course, we will examine the evolving historical, theoretical, social and political contexts for adolescent literacies in and out of school. Although course readings and topics may vary with each class based on the interests and needs of students and discretion of the instructor, we will explore such topics as: content area literacy and reading, social and cognitive learning theories, and effective literacy instruction for adolescents, to name a few.